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2019 Capital Conference Standings

Schools WCAC ALL
St. John's College 4-0 7-5
Good Counsel 2-2 9-3
Gonzaga College 2-2 8-3
DeMatha Catholic 2-2 7-4
Bishop McNamara 0-4 5-5

2019 Metro Conference Standings

Schools WCAC ALL
St. Mary's Ryken 4-0 9-3
Archbishop Carroll 3-1 8-4
Paul VI Catholic 2-2 5-6
Bishop O'Connell 1-3 2-9
Bishop Ireton 0-4 3-6

WCAC Code of Ethics

The administration and athletic department of each member school will fulfill the mission and advance the vision of the conference at all times by:
Recognizing the presidents or heads of school as the final authority for the conduct of the interscholastic athletics programs at their individual institutions;
Educating constituents about the conference’s mission, vision, code of ethics and bylaws, including but not limited to articulating the mission, vision and code of ethics in each student and faculty handbook;
Assuring that the actions of coaches and administrators are consistent with Catholic values and exhibit fairness, openness, respect and honesty in their relationships with student-athletes, the public, and each other.
Complying with Safe Environment principles as mandated by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops;
Providing equitable athletics opportunities, administrative support, and resources for boys’ and girls’ sports;
Providing information to WCAC authorities as requested to ensure the appropriate accountability and transparency in conference practices.
Expecting Christian sportsmanship from all constituents, including student-athletes, coaches, administrative personnel, and spectators;
Giving primary emphasis to in-league competition and conference championships;
Keeping competition focused on the welfare and development of student-athletes;
Supporting student-athletes in their efforts to reach high levels of athletic performance by providing all teams with appropriate facilities and competitive opportunities.
Ensuring all coaches and officials receive adequate training to enhance interscholastic competition and ensure the safety, emotional, and physical health of student-athletes;
 Recruiting, Admissions and Student Life:
Assuring that athletic recruitment practices respect the child, involve the parent, are consistent with Catholic values and WCAC regulations, and comply with established institutional policies and procedures applicable to the admission process;
Committing to awarding financial aid, tuition assistance or scholarships to student-athletes on the same basis as all other students;
Assuring that admissions policies for student-athletes comply with policies and procedures applicable to the general student body;
Assuring that student-athletes are treated the same as other members of the student body with respect to school discipline;
Assuring that academic performance of student-athletes is consistent with that of the general student body;
Providing a safe and healthy environment for student-athletes to practice and compete;
Assuring that student-athletes are supported in their efforts to participate meaningfully in non-athletic extracurricular pursuits to enhance their overall educational experience and spiritual growth.
The above statements articulate the principles and values as outlined by the WCAC mission and vision and should serve as a guide for the preparation of rules by the Conference and for planning and implementation of programs by institutions.